31 Free Printable Chore Charts (Lots of Fun & Cute Charts!)

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Looking for some free chore charts? We’ve got a ton of printable chore charts you can grab right here.

printable chore charts

Are you tired of pulling your hair out trying to get your kids to do their chores? Well, have no fear because our free printable chore charts are here!

There are lots of great benefits of a chore chart system and will create less chaos and more happiness for the entire family.

These charts are so fun and customizable that your kids will actually want to do their daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. Don’t believe us?

Just wait till you see how excited they get to check off each completed chore.

Get ready to say goodbye to the hassle and hello to an organized and efficient home with our totally awesome chore charts.

Weekly Chore Charts

Our most popular chore charts are these free weekly chore charts.

We include bright and colorful ones, as well as a few printer friendly black and white ones.

cute chore charts for kids

We included two versions of our favorite printable chore chart, a pink version and a blue version. You write the chores in the black areas on the left and the kids can mark them off as they go.

daily and weekly chore charts

We have a few variations of the chore chart that leaves plenty of places for you to write in the household chores for the child.

weekly chore chart

This makes keeping up with weekly chores a breeze! The one above has lots of cute heats to fill in which is great for a girls chore chart, but boys love it too!

weekly chore chart

We also have a very minimalist version that’s great for older kids to keep up with their daily tasks.

before and after school chore charts

We also have a before school chore chart and an after school chore chart. These are great for basic tasks and age appropriate chores that kids are expected to do daily.

blank before and after school chore charts

And if our ideas don’t fit with your kids chores, then we have two blank versions where you write in your own chores.

colorful printable chore charts

We also have one that breaks chores down by time of day, so morning chores, afternoon chores and evening chores can easily be seen and identified.

cure chore charts for kids

We also include these cute and colorful blank chore charts where you can write in your kids chores. Whether you are looking for a boys chore chart or a girls chore chart you’re sure to find one perfect for kids of all different ages.

family chore chart
chore charts for kids printables

Some of these free printables offer a reward area if you plan on implementing a reward system for your chore charts.

We made sure to include it in some, but not all, so you can decided if the rewards are the route you want to go for motivation for your chores.

printable chore charts

We also have a couple of dog chore charts, for kids who are expected to help with their dog on a daily basis, and a behavior rewards chart which is great for recognizing good behavior in younger kids.

minimal chore charts

We also included a simple basic chore charts that are printer friendly and easy to customize once printed out.

Daily Chore Charts

We have a few daily chore charts that are perfect to help kids focus on daily tasks.

daily chore chart

This one focuses on the daily tasks for morning, afternoon and evening.

kids chore charts

We also have one that has sections for different names so you can use one chart for several kids. And one that’s divided by section of the house. Like outside chores and kitchen chores to break down the chores a bit differently.

Family Chore Charts

And finally, if you are looking for a printable family chore chart, we’ve got those too!

family chore chart

Here you can write the name of each family member, their chores and then there’s an area to check them off for each day of the week.

So one sheet for the entire family per week that all the family members can view and remember their chores.

family chore chart
family chore charts

Tips for Using the Chore Charts

Here are some helpful tips to make the most out of your printable chore charts:

Laminate for durability: Consider laminating the charts to ensure they withstand usage and that you can use them again and again.

Get creative with customization: Encourage your kids to get creative with their charts by adding their own colorful stickers, emojis, drawings or even motivational quotes.

Set realistic expectations: Start with just a few essential chores and gradually add more to your charts to avoid overwhelming your kids.

Make it a family affair: Include parents and siblings on the list of tasks to encourage participation and teamwork.

Revisit and revise: Revisit the charts regularly to see what is working and what’s not – and revise accordingly. Maybe your kids would appreciate more incentives or rewards for completing their chores, or maybe they just need a gentle reminder from time to time. Either way, experimenting is key to finding out what works best for your family.

By following these tips, you’ll be on your way to running a well-oiled household and your kids will be on their way to being responsible rockstars!

Grab the Free Chore Chart Printables

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From there you can pick which ones you want to print and print them out, completely free.

These are for personal or classroom use only please, not for commercial use. Thank you!

Printing Tips

The chore charts will all come in one pretty large PDF. So I suggest finding the page numbers of the charts you want to print. Then under settings, put the numbers of the pages you want to print.

free printable chore charts for kids

What will you be doing with your free printable chore chart?

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