DIY Silly Monster Slime

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Today we have a fun slime recipe and activity. This slime is easy to make but so much fun to play with! Your kids will love the glitter and googley eyes.

Monster Slime Recipe

This adorable monster slime is creepy, but not to scary!

This is a great science project to make with kids and will keep them busy for a quite a while. 

It’s fun definitely fun to make and fun to play with.

For this green googly eye monster slime, we used clear Elmer’s glue along with some liquid starch and a little bit of water.

The recipe itself is pretty easy. We’ll even show you step by step how to make this spooky slime yourself!

Supplies Needed for Monster Slime

  • ½ a cup of Clear Elmers Glue (We found that elmers works best for some reason)
  • ½ a cup of water
  • ½ to 1 full cup of Liquid starch like Sta Flo
  • Green food coloring (or color of choice)
  • Green glitter (or color of choice)
  • Googly eyes (we used a fun mix of different colors)

How to Make this Creepy Monster Slime

To start with, gather all of your ingredients. This gets messy so you’ll want everything already measured out and in reach. 

monster slime supplies
making monster slime

In a clean mixing bowl mix together your water and clear Elmer’s glue. 
Once you Elmers glue and water are totally mixed together, you can add in the food coloring and glitter. 

Making green monster slime

The kiddos definitely love this part. They like adding the food dye and glitter and mixing it all together.

I will admit it’s pretty mesmerizing to watch the coloring blend slowly into the glue.

Once you’re happy with the color and glitter amount in your mixture, it’s time to add the liquid starch. 

Monster slime with liquid starch

Once you add your liquid starch you’re going to have to stir briskly for at least 30 seconds. The mixture may be really sticky.

After about 30 seconds of stirring you slime mixture should start pulling away from the sides of the bowl while stirring. 

This is when you can start kneading the slime with your hands. It should become a pliable slimeball that is slightly sticky. 

If you’re not happy with the texture you can add more liquid starch to the slime mixture to get a firmer, less sticky texture. 

The more starch you add the firmer and less pliable your slime will become. 

Once you get to a texture you like, you can pull the slime out of your bowl and place it on a clean flat surface. 

Monster slime ball

Now the part your kids will really like! Adding the monster eyes!

We sprinkled lots of spooky monster eyes onto our slime to turn the plain old green slime, into monster slime. 

Adding googly eyes to the monster slime


Adding various sized and colors adds an extra fun monster feel to the slime. 

Halloween monster slime

Enjoy playing with your monster slime! I know we sure did. 

Now as fun as this activity is, it should be viewed as more of a science experiment. 

I suggest letting the kids help mix the glue and water, and also the add-ins. But adding in the liquid starch should be a grown-up job. 

This slime recipe is really sticky, but it stretches well. If you want it less sticky, add in more of the liquid starch before adding in your googly eyes. 

The more liquid starch you add in, the less sticky it becomes. However, it also becomes much more rigid, even to the point where it breaks instead of stretches. 

Creepy Monster Slime
Monster Slime Recipe

Make sure to always supervise younger kids when playing with slime and don’t allow them to consume any of the slime! It’s just not safe. 

Slime recipes that include liquid starch or any type of borax should always be handled with care and adult supervision. 

Halloween monster slime

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