DIY Easter Egg Wreath from the Dollar Store Items

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DIY Easter Wreath from Dollar Store Supplies. Make this easy Easter wreath using dollar tree eggs and flowers! Makes for a fantastic easter decoration!

I love Easter decorations! It’s such a fun way to welcome in spring.

An easy and affordable way to get into the Easter spirit is by making yourself a DIY Easter Wreath.

This particular DIY wreath has bonus points for being made completely of supplies found in the dollar store.

After all so many of those cute wreaths for sale are expensive! But this one is cute and so affordable!

How to Make Your Own Easy DIY Easter Wreath

Here you can follow along step by step and make your own DIY Easter Wreath.

First, start by going to the dollar store and getting your supplies. Here are the supplies we used.

DIY Dollar Store Easter Egg Wreath Supplies

  • Wreath Base
  • 6 Plastic Easter Eggs
  • Fake Baby’s Breathe Flowers
  • Glue Gun

Step 1: Start with your baby’s breath

Grab your baby’s breath and start gluing it to the half of your wreath. It’s best to start on the outsides and work your way in, filling the gaps as you go.

How to make a DIY easter egg wreath from dollar tree supplies

Step 2: Start Gluing on Your Eggs

Now you can start gluing your eggs. Apply a good amount of hot glue to the back of your egg and press firmly into your flowers.

Gluing on your easter eggs to make your own easter themed wreathe.

You want the easter eggs to look like they are nestled into your baby’s breath flowers.

Repeat with your remaining eggs.

Make your own Easter Egg Wreath. This fun and easy easter egg craft is perfect to bring a breath of freshness to your home.

DIY Easter Wreath made with easter eggs and dollar store items

Step 3: Hang up your Easter Wreath

Now its time to hang up your wreath for everyone to see! You can use a command hook like we did, or you can use a wreath door hook.

DIY Easter Wreath

Both will work great!

DIY Easter Egg Wreath. Fun Easter Craft to make a pretty spring time decoration for your home! Best part, Using

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