Cupids Arrow: Super Cute Printable Valentines Day Game

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Looking for a cute Printable Valentine’s day game? This cupid’s arrow game is a fun and easy game to print and play!

cupids arrow printable valentines day game

This Valentine’s day printable is a cute game called Cupid’s arrow. It’s similar to printable battleship, but we’ve made this one much simpler as it’s just a single arrow.

Of course, you can apply your own rules and do multiple arrows if you like, or make the arrow as large or as small as you like covering up more, or less boxes.

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The Printable Game

Our cupid’s arrow printable is a single page game board. It contains two identical images.

cupids arrow printable valentines day game

The one on top image contains the area where the player makes their own notes one where the arrow isn’t as they ask the position to the other player.

The second image on the bottom, is where the player places their own arrow.

I suggest folding the page on the dotted line and laminating it while folded so that it can be used to play multiple rounds.

Or you can use a plastic folder insert like these ones, and a dry erase marker.

This allows for unlimited game play. Which honestly, my kids love playing again and again.

How to Play

  1. Print out two copies of this page (one for each player). Each player secretly draws an arrow somewhere in the bottom grid and then folds the bottom section to keep the location hidden.
  2. Take it in turns to try and find out where your opponent’s arrow is by asking questions, e.g. “Is your arrow in a square with a heart?”
  3. Use the top grid to make a note of your opponent’s answer, e.g. If they answer ‘no’ cross off all squares that have a heart in them. The first person to find their opponent’s arrow is the winner!

Educational Benefits

Games like these offer tons of great benefits for kids. This one specifically is great for:

  • Memory skills
  • Logic skills
  • Number and Letter reinforcement
  • Communication skills

Grab the Free Cupid Valentines Game

To grab the free printable game, put your email in the box below. We’ll send the printable straight to your inbox.

Then print and play!

These are for personal or classroom use only, please. Not for commercial use.

Enjoy the free game! Make sure to check out our other fun free printables for kids and Happy Valentine’s day!

cupids arrow printable valentines day game

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