Free Halloween Spell Printable for Kids

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This Halloween Witches Spell Printable is both a coloring page and a fun creative activity. We even give you the printable for free to download and use at home!

fun witches spell activity for kids

Around here, Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. And coming up with fun and creative Printable Halloween games is always on the agenda.

This cute Halloween printable is so much fun and can be used in a few different ways. 

It’s both a Halloween coloring page and a kids’ activity.

Simply download and print out the free printable. And if you love this one, you’ll love some of our other Halloween printables too.

There are lots of fun activities to do with your child or children in a classroom.

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Ideas for how to use this Free Halloween Spell Printable

I like this particular printable because there are a few different ways you could use this!

As a coloring page

The most obvious way to use this witches’ spell printable is as a coloring page. 

There are lots of fun Halloween things to color on this page. 

Write in Spell Ingredients 

Older kids can create there own spell and write in fitting ingredients in the bubbles. 

It’s fun to see what kinds of crazy and silly things they come up with and how they contribute to the spell.

They can then create a spell name and write a short description of what their spell does. 

Collecting Wild Things

Another fun way to use this witches’ spell printable is by checking out what fun things in nature they can collect to add in to their spell. 

kids spell Halloween printable, free activity

The kids can find leaves, twigs or anything they can tape down to the paper to make fun ingredients to add to their potion.

It’s a good way to identify nature items. 

If they are younger, you can help write in their spells name and what it does. 

Pair this activity along with making a fun toilet paper witch or other fun witch crafts for kids.

Grab the Free Printable Halloween Spell

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This is for personal or classroom use only, please. Not for commercial use. Thank you!

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