Easy Star Wars Cupcakes: Fun Princess Leia & Chewbacca Cupcakes

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Looking to whip up some cute and easy star wars cupcakes? We got you covered. This tutorial will show you how to make your own Princess Leia and Chewbacca cupcakes faster than the speed of light. 

Star Wars Cupcakes

Looking for some easy star wars cupcakes to make for a beloved star wars fan? Look no further!

We have a great tutorial on how to make easy Star wars cupcakes without being a decorating genius.

We use basic supplies you can pick up at your local grocery store and make with ease.

Today, we are making Princess Leia cupcakes AND an awesome set of Wookie cupcakes to go along with them.

To make these Star wars cupcakes, we used already made cupcakes.

So you can make your own from your favorite recipe, use a boxed mix or simply but some already made cupcakes from the store.

Easy Star Wars Cupcaes

Ingredients Needed To Make These Easy Star Wars CUpcakes

To make these star war cupcakes you’ll need a few basic ingredients, and a couple of special ones too.

But don’t worry, they are still easy to find. 

For Princess Leia Cupcakes You’ll Need

  • 6 Premade Cupcakes
  • 1-2 Cups of White Frosting
  • 2-3 Cups of Chocolate Frosting
  • Candy Eyes
  • Heart Sprinkles
  • Chocolate Covered donuts (2 for each cupcake)
  • Toothpicks
  • Decorator Icing bags
  • Wiltons Star tip

For Chewbacca Cupcakes You’ll Need

  • 6 Premade Cupcakes
  • 2-3 Cups of Chocolate Frosting
  • Candy eyes
  • Black fondant
  • White nonpareil (the small balls) sprinkles
  • Decorator Icing bags


How to Make Princess Leia Cupcakes

These Princess Leia cupcakes are super easy star wars cupcakes! Decorating the cupcake is easy so you can make a few, or a lot, in a short amount of time.

To make these cupcakes look like Princess Leia, start by frosting all of your dedicated Leia cupcakes with the white frosting.

We made half Chewbacca and half Princess Leia. So half of our cupcakes were dedicated Leia cupcakes.

Easy Star Wars Cupcakes

*Pro Decorating Tip: Use a decorating bag to fill up with frosting and ice your cupcakes. It makes the whole process faster and easier, and way less messy. Plus you get a nice finished look. 

Smooth the icing to create a smooth surface, as the base with be Princess Leia’s face. 

Now, place your open star tip in a decorator bag and fill with chocolate icing. Pipe the icing like shown below to create Princess Leia’s hairline.

easy princess leia cupcakesNow place 2 candy eyes onto each of your Princess Leia Cupcakes, and add a heart sprinkle to make the mouth. 

Princess Leia Cupcakes Star WarsFinally, using a toothpick, secure one chocolate donut to each side of Princess Leia’s head, creating her famous hair dual buns.

Easy diy star wars cupcakesAren’t they cute. This is seriously the easiest Star Wars cupcakes you could make! 

Princess Leia Cupcakes

Of course, we don’t want just one Star Wars Character, We’d love for Leia to have a friend join her on the party table. 

So next up, Chewbacca Cupcakes!!


How to Make Chewbacca Cupcakes

Ok, in my opinion, these Chewbacca cupcakes aren’t quite as easy as the princess Leia ones.

They are however super adorable, and won’t take you that much longer!

To make your delightfull Wookie cupcakes, start by taking the other half of your cupcakes. 

Using the same decorator bag filled with chocolate icing (and the star tip) Ice the cupcakes with the frosting, creating tiny stars all over the surface, like shown below.

making easy star wars wookie cupcakes

Once the frosting dries slightly, gently press down and pointed peaks.

Now press a set of the candy eyes into the face of each of your chocolate frosted cupcakes.

star wars chewbacca cupcakes tutorial

Can you start to see Chewbaccas face forming? 

Now it’s time to play with a bit of fondant!

If you’ve never used fondant before, don’t let it scare you! You can buy it premade in a large variety of colors, and it’s really easy to work with. 

It’s like using a stiff playdoh to decorate your cupcakes, but tastier….

Roll out your black fondant and cut into 2-inch strips, that are a 3/4 inch wide. 

star wars chewbacca cupcakes step by step

Now press your white pearl sprinkles into rows going down your fondant strips. This is Chewys iconic belt.

easy star wars chewbacca cupcakes

Lift up the fondant belt strips gently using an offset spatula and place diagonally over each of your cupcakes like pictured below. Add a small black pearled sprinkle for a nose and viola! 

You have an awesome Chewbacca cupcake!

Chewbacca Cupcakes

I love how the fondant looks like a genuine leather belt across the Chewy cupcakes. 

Star Wars Cupcakes

easy diy starwars cupcakes
starwars cupcakes

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