4th of July Wreath Made from Paper Flowers

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paper flower wreath red white and blue craft

4th of July is right around the corner! 

Why not create this adorable patriotic wreath from red white and blue paper flowers?

It’s adorable and super easy with this step by step tutorial. 

Plus the kids would have a blast making these. 

Patriotic Paper Flower Wreath

Supplies needed:

  • Colored craft paper in red white and blue
  • Round wreath base
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glue
paper flower wreath for 4th of July

Step 1: Cut out Paper Spirals for Flowers

Start by taking your craft paper and cutting out several spiral patterns like the red one below. You’ll need quite a few too fill out your wreath, so make a lot of each color. 

We used about 50 spirals total.

4th of July wreath made from paper flowers tutorial

Step 2: Start Spiraling the Flowers

Once you have your spirals cut out, take one of them and start to roll it from the outer edge, like the photo below. 

4th of July wreath

Step 3: Finish Your Paper Flower

Continue rolling your paper flower toward its center. Glue down the center of the spiral and press the coiled part against the glue to secure the paper roll in place.

4th of July Wreath Paper Flower

Step 4: Finish all of your Paper Flowers

Finish making all of your red white and blue flowers. 

patriotic wreath made from paper flowers

Step 5: Grab Your Wreath Base

Once you have made plenty of your rolled paper flower coils, you can start making your wreath. You buy a wreath base, but we just made ours from some thin cardboard. (A cereal box works great for this!)

Just use a bowl and then a large cup to create the outer and inner rings. 

Then gather together your wreath base and red white and blue flowers. 

4th of July wreath paper flowers

Step 6: Start filling your Wreath

Start by attaching your blue flowers first to your wreath base. This will be the upper blue area that represents the American Flag. 

Keep all of your paper flowers as adjacent as possible. Fill about 1/4 of your base with the blue paper flowers. 

patriotic wreath step by step craft

Step 7: Start Filling in your Red and White Stripes

Next, start filling in the rest of your wreath base with the white and red paper flowers. 

We kept our stripes 2 or 3 flowers thick. 

Now grab the red and white rolled flowers and start attaching them on the base. Stick 2 or 3 lines of red flowers and then stick 2 or 3 lines of white flowers.

paper flower wreath made from paper flowers

Step 8: Keep making your Flag

Keep alternating your red and blue flowers to finish all of your stripes. 

DIY patriotic wreath paper flower

Step 9: Finish your Wreath

Finish filling in your entire wreath until you end up with this patriotic wreath. It’s an adorable craft that’ll show off you 4th of July spirit! 

You can then hang it up on an interior door, on the wall or as a decoration for a 4th of July party.

patriotic wreath

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